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    TIVA™ Instant Heater Ex-Demo

    Factory Refurbished Model

    Tired of cold, chilly weather spoiling all your fun?

    Not anymore! Now with just the push of a button, you can enjoy the incredible warmth of sunshine whenever and wherever you want with this Indoor/Outdoor Heater. TIVA Heater has a motion sensor, built-in timer, and remote control! It works in all kinds of weather, wind, rain, fog, or snow, and it's there for you providing perfect temperature all year round!

    TIVA Heater heats up 3x faster and 10°C warmer compared with gas heaters. It even costs 50 percent less to run! The secret is TIVA Heater’s special carbon fiber bulb technology produces invisible infrared thermal waves that delivers heat directly to objects and people, without warming the air in between - 100% UV Free!

    Use in conjunction with our custom designed commercial-grade TIVA Heater Stand to make the TIVA Heater a fully portable multi-directional heating solution for indoors or outdoors.